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  • Lexi Rey, Based in San Francisco

Life's A Peach! (loving sarcasm)/ Prolonged Orgasms ๐Ÿ‘ ๐Ÿ’ฆ ๐ŸŽข

Organic only, no exceptions. Look for the 9.

Throughout the entire evening we were on cloud 9, The Gentleman asked me a few times how I extended my orgasms into multiple explosive smaller ones.

Immediately after my big O, he said, "Lexi, your orgasms are... gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous to witness."

Would he have believed me if I said that I highly suspect the secret to the depth and growth of my orgasms is 1) eating a lot of organic fruits every single day? (Fruits have electricity and alkalinity); and 2) Going for hour-long walks and spending time in nature, among trees (very important)?


You may be thinking: Yup, olโ€™ Lexi is a darn hippie.

Me: Yerrrrrp! I am.

Well, I made my statement because those are the most consistent routines I have: fruits, walking among trees. What else could impact or heighten my kinesthetic sensitivity to touch all over my entire body, and natural ability to orgasm deeply and at length? (Waterworks may or may not turn on, btw. )

It could be the fact that I eat 8 red plums, 2 peaches, 5 nectarines, and 1/2 a personal-sized watermelon every day. (Eat the watermelon as a snack alone, not combined with other food.)

Try eating that much fruit every day and maybe your orgasms will change! Also...

Let yourself go! If you got more juice in you, donโ€™t hold back! Let yourself *cum!

(*in protection of course. Safety is sexy.)

#prolongedorgasms #sexpositivity #organicfruits #fruitshaveelectricity

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