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(Screenshots of Full Reviews Available Upon Request,
 Available to Pre-Screened/Verified Friends Only)

March 2016

I contacted Lexi in the morning and I was fortunate enough to be able to book time with her the same day. My references were reliable and Lexi was very responsive.

To say the least, I am happy to have met such a physically blessed young woman that also has an exquisite zest for life with her personality. Lexi is the whole package. After receiving a fast clearance from my references, Lexi was accommodating to seeing me the same day.


She came over and looked absolutely more stunning in person. She was culturally and genetically blessed with such beautiful features and flawless skin. I love a woman that takes care of herself and Lexi is a reflection of that. She carries herself with so much grace and elegance.


Feb 2018


I had a room in downtown SF and feeling quite randy. I read her past reviews and decided to contact her. She is a really sexy gal- inside and out! Exceptional mix of youthful and old soul!

-- elfhefe23, TER

Dec 2017


I took a chance on Lexi because she seemed to have it all. She responded to my request and it was the standard screening. She has a genuinely charismatic personality, stunning head-turning face, and c/urves. Read on to know the d/irty details. She loves what she does and it definitely shows!

-- mreddieeagle, TER

June 2017


Lexi is prompt in responding to appointment requests and does the normal screening. She is a h/ot and s/exy date. Also, a beautiful lady and sweetheart that I will plan to see again.

-- mello15, TER

January 2017


Booking a date with Lexi was easy. She said that I submitted proper references and I was verified immediately. Lexi is selective and low-volume. She's very sweet and responsive. I'm glad I made the cut.


Reflecting back on my date with her, I am ecstatic that I came upon and met such a woman that seems to be the whole package: incredibly attractive, sexy mind, great personality and a f/reak in the bed!!! If you want to meet an exceptional e/xotic c/urvy lady, meet Lexi. Blessings on blessings!



- Reviewer: ColossusHiltkiz 


June 2016


I typically don't write reviews unless someone really compels me to do so. I consider all factors from initial communication, to her looks and personality, down to her performance. All around, this girl is stunning and one of my very best visits ever! My experience with Lexi was indeed very compelling and dare I say awesome! This youthful woman really has her act together!



We setup our meeting after a relatively normal screening process involving references. She arrived at my location, per my directions and called as instructed.


Lexi is a very e/xotic, and very s/exy, mixed youthful woman. She has a c/urvy frame with perfect D’s. Her beautiful smile and big dark brown eyes are capable of some very p/assionate, loving looks. Her skin is soft and flawless. I found her to look significantly better in person than in her photos. Not that her photos are bad, she is just a very attractive youthful woman, and when combined with her personality and passion for all things, it’s even better! She absolutely won me over... Read on for the details.

- Reviewer: montecristowood


- Reviewer: jchez1020


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