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  • Phone Number:

  • Short Bio:

  • Physical Description:


About Your Request

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  • City or Location, In/call or Out/call.


Verification (Forms of Verification)

  • Photo I.D. and Business Card 

  • Company Website and link to your web presence.

  • P411 members (send request via p411 site)


  • 3+ Most recent Lady References: Her Name, Her Ads/Website, Email, Links to her Ads. (No, I will NOT google any of this for you.) 

  • Keep in mind that some Ladies may not be reference-friendly. I may or may not receive a reply from any.

  • The more Ladies you send over to me, the better the odds for faster verification.






If you do not already have an encrypted email address, I highly suggest signing up for Protonmail. Very soon, I will not be accepting any correspondence from non-encrypted, US-owned email accounts (Gmail/Yahoo/Hotmail/Aol...) 

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